Capital Reviews


Useful Terms And What They Mean To You...

Reservation Window:
This is the window you have for booking a vacation.

Travel Demand Index (TDI):
This is an index derived by our Exchange Program to explain the buying power of your Capital Points in terms of vacation exchanges through exchange companies.

Pending Request List:
If you want to go to a Capital Vacations destination or a Exchange Program destination that currently has no availability, your Vacation Specialist will put your request into the Reservation System and if an opening occurs, you will be confirmed. For Exchange Program destinations, you will be charged an exchange fee when the request is submitted, but if it is not fulfilled the fee will be refunded and your Capital Points credited. The request will remain in place until 48 hours prior to the requested check-in date.

Exchange Fee:
This is the fee you’ll pay when you wish to exchange through our Exchange Program, or destinations outside of the Capital Vacations destinations.

Guest Certificate:
You can allow guests to use your Capital Points for a stay within Capital Vacations or through our Exchange Program.

Borrowing Capital Points:
If you participate in the monthly maintenance fee program, you may borrow points from your next Use Year to supplement your vacation reservation. If you pay your maintenance fee annually, you will need to prepay in full to borrow points from your next Use Year. To request to borrow points, call a Vacation Concierge Specialist at 844-777-CLUB.

Day Use:
Day use priveleges are available at participating resorts. Certain restrictions and blackout dates apply. Advance notice is required.

Renting Capital Points:
You can rent additional Capital Points each year as needed. Read more...

Banking Capital Points:
Banking allows you to save unused Capital Points from one Use Year to the next. Read more...

Capital Vacations Ownership Levels:
Capital Points may be aggregated to achieve each of these Ownership Levels.*

  • Capital Preferred: 1 to 299,99 Capital Points
  • Capital Silver: 300,000 to 499,999 Capital Points
  • Capital Gold: 500,00 to 999,999 Capital Points
  • Capital Platinum: 1,000,000 or more Capital Points

Use Year:
Your Use Year begins the first day of the month following your purchase date.

Maintenance Fees:
Cost to operate and maintain Capital Vacations accommodations and amenities available to owners at various resort properties. Fees will be invoiced annually around October of each calendar year.

Club Dues:
Cost of operating and administrating the Capital Vacations Club, i.e., inventory management, reservations, accounting, etc. Club Dues are invoiced annually, approximately at the beginning of your Use Year.


* Only Capital Points allocated to vacation interests acquired from Capital Vacations count toward ownership level.