Capital Reviews


Perhaps the best thing about vacationing with Capital Vacations is the flexibility you now enjoy. Unlike traditional timeshare vacation ownership where you're locked into the same unit for the same week, your Capital Points give you choices.* With Capital Points, you can:

  • Choose a different resort
  • Choose a different season
  • Choose a larger or smaller vacation accommodation
  • Stay longer or plan a shorter vacation
  • Take more than one vacation
  • Bank your Capital Points for next year
  • Borrow next year's Capital Points to use this year
  • Visit a foreign land or take a vacation cruise


How Capital Points Works


Any unused Capital Points at the end of your Use Year will expire unless you call 844-777-CLUB to have them banked for an additional year. There are some restrictions on when Capital Points can be banked. Please refer to banking guidelines.


How Many Capital Points Does It Take?

Capital Points Utilization: when assessing how many Capital Points you need to vacation, the following factors dictate the Capital Points cost to reserve an accommodation or make an exchange:

  • The season or time in which you wish to travel
  • The size of the accommodations needed
  • The length of stay

Please remember weekends and holidays will generally require more Capital Points.

For each of the Capital Vacations destinations, each day of the week is assigned a Capital Point value and each week of the year is within a designated season. Seasons are generally determined based upon location and demand of the applicable resort.


Learning To Read a Capital Points Chart

This sample Capital Points chart shows how many Capital Points you will need to reserve a 1-bedroom suite at Grand Crowne Resort at different times. Each day has a Capital Point value, with Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays requiring fewer Capital Points than other days. Weekends and holiday weeks are the most valuable, requiring more Capital Points to stay on Friday or Saturday nights.

Weeks Total Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
10 - 52 68,500 8,500 6,500 6,500 6,500 8,500 16,000 16,000
1 - 9 51,100 6,500 4,700 4,700 4,700 6,500 12,000 12,000

 Week Numbers (See Interval directory for dates)
 Weekly Points (points required for a week stay)
 Daily Points (points required by day)


Note: The sample points chart has been color coded to help identify key areas.


* Subject to Capital Points requirements, availability and Club rules and regulations.